Device data:

Model: iPhxne 14 Pro Max
Version: OS 19.9 (18F72)
Log Date: 13/07/2025 14:26:29
File: panicfull-2025-12-31.ips

Components involved:

Error description:

Battery not being detected by the sensor
This fault is usually related to the battery not being correctly detected and identified by the SWI or I2C SMC bus. Here is the most frequently used order:

Repair suggestion:

1. SWI / I2C SMC
Check the status of the battery FPC connector pins on the board. (Crushed, broken, oxidation, ...)
Perform measurement on battery, SWI or I2C SMC data lines.
Check the battery itself, its flex and connector.
Check battery identification in hardware identification software such as 3uTool_.
2. Charge Circuit
Full inspection of the charging circuit as well as the charging IC (Tigris,...).

Additional data:

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panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffff02e7b34f0): WATCHDOG TIMEOUT Missing sensor(s): TG0B (0xffffffea0d0fc000): () error: SID 0 PTE invalid exception on write with DVA 0 (TTBR 0 SEG 0 PTE 0) ERROR_STATUS 0x80000404 TIME 0x797eb4927 TTE 0 AXI_ID 0x40)\" @A020DART.cpp:1439 Debugger message: panic Memory ID: 0x1 OS release type: User OS version: 20A362 Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 22.0.0: Tue Aug 16 20:50:57 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8792.\/RELEASE4_30
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