iBoot Stylo

iBoot Stylo

Version 2.0 Free
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iBoot Stylo is a free iPhxnes troubleshooting software, with it you can analyze the iPhxne boot sector, known as iBoot.
In this sector it is often possible to locate faults through codes, especially when the device is not starting and failing.
To use it is necessary to have a simple Serial Cable or a Box with serial communication (Example: P10, JCC3, JCC2, BBOX, iLavander, Diag Tool among others).

Usage mode:
1. Connect the Serial Cable or the Box to the computer.
2. Launch iBoot Stylo and click 'Connect'.
3. Connect the iPhxne off to the Serial Cable or Box.
4. The iBoot Stylo will take a reading in a few seconds.
5. Copy this displayed data and paste it on the website, in the iBoot field, after clicking on analyze.

iBoot Stylo
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